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Investing in a Single Stock

Kerrisdale Capital Management mobilized its investors to raise more than $100 million. The money will be used to bet against a single stock. Kerrisdale`s investment fund is a first of its kind. Most Hedge fund managers raise money to support startup business or other related enterprises. such funds also support the recovery of securities for residential mortgage securities and distressed energy firms. Kerrisdale goes against the common trend by using its investment fund to purchase stock of a public company that is yet to be unveiled.

Sahm Adrangi said that the the organization raised the required amount of capital in a very short time. He appreciated the investors` commitment and participation in the process. Kerrisdale Capital Management decided to invest in an organization that is probably over $10 billion. It will later explain the investor`s insight, regarding the soon-to-be-unveiled company, to the public. Adrangi is currently working with Shane Wilson, an analyst of Kerrisdale. The two are developing a video, a report and website to convince other people about Kerrisdale`s objectives.

The unknown company will be made public in mid-May. The person that spoke did not provide the actual date to maintain the company`s anonymity. The public was not supposed to acquire the information before the company was revealed. The investor`s fund is already being used to purchase funds in the unnamed firm.

Kerrisdale manages over $500 million assets, including the new investment fund. The firm has a good history of betting against companies before they go public. Kerrisdale recently made activist position with sage Therapeutics and Globalstar. Kerrisdale has been making an annual profit of 28% for the last five years.

About Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi is the founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management. He is currently the Chief Investment Officer of the organization. Since its founding in 2009, Adrangi has been a key player in the firm`s investment plans. He has helped the company record a significant growth. A firm that started with less than $1 million currently manages over $500 million assets.

Adrangi became famous when he exposed Chinese companies that participated in fraudulent activities. Such included China Marine Food Group, Lihua International and China-Biotics. Adrangi has played an activist role in several investment projects.

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Dick Devos is inclusive of the extraordinary men who are on the journey of making the world a better place. He is an outstanding philanthropist who is this quest wholeheartedly. He is the husband of Betsy Devos who is doing well as the cabinet secretary for education. They have similar interests such as education and making it better for the society. Their great work can be found in the Michigan State of the US. Dick Devos is supporting his wife Betsy who had the opportunity of serving education on a national level as the cabinet secretary. She believes she will make a change in the education protocol of the Americans.


Dick Devos worked with his wife Betsy to begin their family firm by the name Dick and Betsy Family Foundation. This was initiated for the purpose of developing a company that will support modifications that will enable better education all over the United Education. They have helped so many students who can’t afford education by funding for their needs to be accessed by this program. Dick And Betsy Devos Foundation has succeeded in establishing projects that have turned out to help so many such as the Education Freedom Fund that has assisted more than 4,000 students to get allowances and scholarships to support their education. The Thunderbird School of Global Management and Northwood University are some of the schools were the recipients of these programs are from.


Dick Devos was involved in the foundation of the West Michigan Aviation Academy. He has a great interest in aviation and as a result, he thought of offering chances to students who would like to get involved with the aviation business. Furthermore, he is a board member of various companies that are in the quest of improving the American School structure.


Some of the other projects that Dick Devos has participated in are the Great Lakes Education Project which is in the process of helping charter learning institutions in Michigan. Apart from establishing their foundation the two also founded The Devos Institute of Arts Management. This company helps those with talents in areas like music to keep growing.


The philanthropic work of Dick Devos and his wife does not end there; they are also offering affordable house units to the Michigan community. The less-fortunate families have received help from the Inner City Christian Federation enterprise by getting cheap homes. They are also involved in the Lake Macatawa research in Holland that deals with the lessening of hostile impacts of climate change.


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Whitney Wolfe knows a lot about dating apps, and she is proving this with Bumble. She has created one of the hottest dating apps around, and there is no stopping her and her innovative spirit when it comes to expanding this new and exciting dating app. One thing that has made Whitney Wolfe popular is her youth. She is young so she is able to connect with a younger generation of single people.

She knows what they want, and she has taken a great amount of effort to ensure that she creates an app that the youth will appreciate. This is the first part of her rise to fame in the dating app industry. The other thing that makes her one of the better candidates for establishing a dating app is her dazzling good looks and her ability to stay connected to her user base.

People are very intrigued by Whitney Wolfe, and she almost has something of a cult-like following when it comes to the dating app community. Whitney Wolfe has been able to transcend into the dating app world as someone that is ever-present in the face of the dating app industry. She is not an older gentleman that is hiding in the background for the dating app that he created. Typically dating apps are created by older gentlemen that are really not part of the dating app community that they are trying to serve.

Whitney Wolfe, however, has made her mark in the dating app community because she was single when she created Bumble. She was a young woman that was asking the same questions that many young women were asking. She wanted to know how people could interact in a way that was different from what they were used to. Specifically, Whitney wanted to know if women could establish an app where they were the ones making the first move. She was excited about this, and that is exactly why she managed to create an app where the woman would have control.

Whitney Wolfe has been able to celebrate the dating app community for embracing the app that she has brought to the market. She is showing people that she knows exactly what it takes to get people interested in connecting through apps again. Dating apps were getting a bad name, but Whitney Wolfe is certainly bringing a lot of positive feedback with the Bumble app.

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Dr. Mark McKenna is an accredited medical doctor who is licensed to offer his services in surgery and medicine fields by the Georgia and Florida State Board of Medical Examination bodies. He is known to be a fervent advocate and a dedicated community servant. Dr. McKenna resides in New Orleans LA whereby he graduated from Tulane University Medical School. After he completed his medical studies, McKenna started to practice medicine his father as he strived to launch McKenna Venture Investment. That is a boutique real estate development company.

After a couple of years, McKenna proceeded to purchase and re-launch Universal Mortgage lending and Uptown Title industry. His portfolio of firms would develop to more than 50 staff workers whereby the companies offered various services such as turnkey design, building, finance, and real estate closing services.

In Nov. 2007, McKenna was forced to relocate to Atlanta, where he established ShapeMed, a medical practice that focuses on wellness and aesthetic. After seven years, Life Times Fitness Inc. agreed to acquire ShapeMed on 1 Nov. 2014. Dr. McKenna was appointed to serve as National Medical Director of Life Time Fitness Inc. up to July 2016. After serving the fitness company for one year, Dr. McKenna became the chief executive officer and founder of OVME. OVME is a client facing, technology-enabled and medical aesthetic firm that is trying to reinvent elective healthcare.

McKenna points out that the idea of founding OVME was born as a result of serving in the medical aesthetic field for more than one decade. He developed his practice such that it was recognized as one of the biggest in the U.S. He finally sold the practice to a publicly traded business. Dr. McKenna adds that it is during that process that he noticed numerous opportunities to explore the industry.

Mark McKenna is a proud family man who is married to Gianine McKenna, and they are blessed with two children; Milana Elle and Pomeranian, Ryder who is four years of age. Dr. McKenna is an active member of Entrepreneurs Organization. He has also worked as a board member of New Orleans Industrial Development Board and New Orleans Jazz Festival. To know more about him click here.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is the CEO of the large Brazilian banking firm called Bradesco who competes in the private sector and regularly jousts for market leadership. He has served in this capacity since 2009 after a successful run as the President of Bradesco Seguros which is their Insurance business. He has spent decades absorbing the business culture and traditions of Bradesco while honing his financial and leadership skills for the top executive post.

Trabuco, as he is best known, began his service at Bradesco in 1969 when he started as a clerk in his hometown of Marília. This happens to be the place of their founding by the legendary Amador Aguiar. For two years he was on the front lines of customer service and gained a fine understanding of its demands and necessities. After this time he was transferred to the company’s headquarters in São Paulo, where he started on a path of continual growth and development of his banking skills.

The education of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was completed at the University of São Paulo, where he graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, Science, and Letters. This is unusual for a top-ranking financial figure such as Trabuco has become. However, his extensive banking skills that he has accrued over decades show his financial acumen to be at a very high level.

One prominent chapter in the journey of Trabuco to the CEO position was his tenure as the Director of Marketing for Bradesco. He initiated an important reform which saw the bank establish a relationship with the media for the first time in their history. Before this time, they had no contact with reporters and no publicity whatsoever. Trabuco demonstrates his knowledge of the need for modernity at Bradesco with this important new direction. This has allowed the public’s awareness of their brand to improve and their name recognition is now higher than ever before.

During the years of 2003-2009, Trabuco served as the President of Bradesco Seguros, which is the Insurance division of the company. His performance was outstanding as they doubled in size during his tenure and deepened their market leadership in Brazil in this segment of the business. They contributed substantially to the company’s profits and the board of directors took note of Trabuco’s performance.

Trabuco was honored twice when he was named as the Insurance Personality of the Year for his achievements at Bradesco Seguros. He was an ardent advocate for insurance in Brazilian society and he considered it to be an extension of the state. He was convinced that of its necessity for the maintenance of social welfare and crucial for a modern country.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was appointed as Bradesco’s CEO in 2009 after his remarkable performance in leading the Insurance company. He assumed the duties during a difficult time in the world of finance due to fallout from the Great Financial Crisis and the resultant economic weakness. Additionally, they had recently lost their position of leadership in the Brazilian private market, which also contributed to the inauspicious beginning of Trabuco’s tenure. Despite all of this, Trabuco was able to substantially grow the company with a renewed emphasis on organic growth.

A corporate university called Unibrad was established by Trabuco and it enabled Bradesco to develop the next wave of leadership by identifying worthy individuals for promotion and specialized training. At a ceremony at Noble Hall, those who were promoted were given a chance to articulate their strategies and plans to move the company forward. In 2017 Unibrad received a distinct honor when they were elected as the best corporate university in the world by the GlobalCCU Awards. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has spent his entire career with Bradesco and continues his fine service today.

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Roberto Santiago is a Brazilian investor and entrepreneur. He has been in the mall business since 1989 when the Manaira Shopping Mall was opened. The success of the above venture has brought Roberto to international fame since tourists and celebrities fly to Brazil just to visit the mall. However, Roberto says that it was not easy saving for the mall and eventually launching it. He says it took him a lot of hard work and discipline to build the mall. Additionally, it takes him hard work and effort to maintain it in its top-flight status.

Mall not Supermarket

In a recent study, Roberto was asked why he chose to invest in a mall and not in any other business. Roberto stated that he wanted to establish a business center in which customers would get all the products and services under one roof. Asked why not a supermarket, he answered that facilities such as colleges, gyms, and casinos cannot be found in a supermarket while they can be found in a mall. Given the nature of his vision, Roberto said that he had no choice but to build a mall. Albeit the fact that a mall would cost a lot more than a supermarket, Roberto knew that he needed to stick to his vision. Consequently, he worked extra hard in the cartonnage firm, which he had started. Since the venture had an extensive clientele and was successful, Roberto decided to put more effort and raise the required capital. True to his dream, in 1987, he used the savings from the cartonnage firm to purchase the land on which Manaira Shopping Mall stands. Two years later, he managed to build and launch the mall.

Core Values

One of the primary values that helped Roberto Santiago is hard work. He began his career as a children literature writer. He did it with so much passion that parents and teachers could not help but buy his books since they were informative. Shortly afterward, Roberto engaged in script writing and play directing a field in which he was equally successful. Many people who love the arts still watch his films since they were well researched. Later, he engaged in blog writing, advising people how to cope with stress and overcome the obstacles in their paths. Most people loved his encouraging posts, and the income from the blog made him desire to invest. Consequently, he went to school and studied business.

Hard work was necessary for Roberto’s first business, which was Santa Rosa Café. It was equally important for his second venture, which was the cartonnage company. Still, he says that hard work is the principal value, which helps in the success of the Manaira Shopping Mall.


Logan Stout, founder and CEO of IDlife, impacts the business world and community on many positive different levels. He not only is known for Logan Stout’s company IDlife, but also a known author and is avid in giving advice to others on how to successfully run and nurture a good business, whether it’s small or large. Knowing all of this speaks about Logan’s positive outlook on life. Expanding his sights from business, to giving advice, provides a positive opinion of successful businessman.

Logan Stout is a known businessman that uses his assets to help teach others. He developed the Dallas patriots for the sole purpose of helping the youth obtain a greater skill level. Providing kids and family with encouragement, Logan believes that the people can bring out the best in themselves through health and nourishment of the body. Encouraging others has always been his goal as his book contains a lot of informative information and is said to be very motivational.

When managing the company Logan Stout works with his customers. He doesn’t try to force the product on the consumer but rather suggests offers products that would benefit in purchasing the item. This approach of business is a reflection of what type of business man and person Logan is. Building a relationship with your customers is important.

Commonly with a business, there’s always a drive for expansion. Logan Stout is continuously looking to expand his business in many areas. Believing that knowledge provides a positive influence on society, Stout’s business is moving successfully along. Becoming a business man can put a lot of weight on an individual. Logan Stout uses this weight as a cushion as he successfully motivates and encourages the youth and his customers. He uses many opportunities to give back, and one of them is leading a healthy life. The IDlife company that he as established gives just that.

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Keeping a connection to one’s roots is important to many people, but unfortunately for some people, finding that connection may be beyond their means or they may not know where to begin. This is where Adam Milstein comes to the rescue. Known for his real estate savvy with his position of managing partner with Hager Pacific Properties and the $2 billion portfolios in properties they manage across the country, Milstein is also a noted philanthropist.In an effort to help Jewish children stay connected to their Jewish roots, he started the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The foundation works with students across the country strengthen their connection to Israel and assist in helping these kids experience their heritage directly.

These acts of giving have landed Adam Milstein on the Philanthropists & Social Entrepreneurs Top 200 list, in recognition of his dedication to the Jewish community.His foundation isn’t the only way that Adam Milstein helps keep connections to his native Israel either. He also founded the Israeli-American Council, which works to improve relations between the United States and Israel. Milstein works determinedly to help lead its growth and the effect of policies determining issues in the evolving American foreign policy concerning Israel and Jewish relations overall.

He has also assisted on several other Jewish empowerment ventures, such as the Hasbara Fellowship, StandWith Us, AIPAC National Council, the Israel on Campus Coalition, Jewish Founders network, Birthright Israel and AISH Los Angeles.Adam Milstein has facilitated countless Jewish families learn to read Hebrew as well, hoping to bolster their bond with their heritage. His foundation works with these families, providing free books, in addition, to help to coach traditional Jewish standards to Israel-Jewish-America families. He often contributes to noteworthy publications on subjects he is passionate about, in hopes to give back to the Jewish community.

Recently, Bumble declined a $450 million acquisition offer from Match Group, which is the umbrella company for renowned firms like, OkCupid, and Tinder. According to sources that are familiar with the subject, the $450 million offer was perceived to undervalue Bumble, a leading dating app that has quickly established itself in a crowded field. Regarding its functionality, the woman has to make a move first when two users match. Both Bumble and Match Group have not commented on the bid nor confirmed it.

If the acquisition could have taken place, it would have meant that Whitney Wolfe, the founder CEO of Bumble, would be working for a company that she left three years ago. In 2012, Wolfe co-established Tinder, a popular dating app. At the time, she was 22. Wolfe served as the company’s vice president of marketing. She helped in founding the app and transforming it into a sensation. She left the firm in 2014 and launched Bumble in December that year.

After leaving Tinder, forming another tech company was the last thing that Whitney Wolfe wanted. She even relocated from Los Angeles to Austin. Wolfe toyed with a number of ideas, including creating a juice bar. However, shortly after relocating, Whitney Wolfe received a call from Andrey Andreev, the founder of Badoo. Soon after, they partnered to found Bumble. Wolfe monetized the dating app towards the end of 2016 with extra features for $9.99 a month.

In the last spring, the firm introduced Bumble BFF, a vertical that is intended for women to meet new friends that are new to the app. It is also expected that the company will roll out a networking vertical, BumbleBizz. Presently, the dating app is adding over 50,000 new users each day. With the inauguration of BumbleBizz, Whitney aims to expand her ambitions for her company and for the women. For more info about us: click here.

About Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is a respected entrepreneur. She has had a successful career in the tech world, particularly in the dating and networking space. Wolfe started with Tinder. Presently, she runs Bumble, a dating app that facilitates women to have power and control. Wolfe’s firm is different from other tech startups that are usually based in Silicon Valley. Her company is based in Austin. It has 13 employees with a majority being women. Additionally, the app has logged more than 80 million matches.

For a long time, aging has been described as a functional decline resulting from the accumulation of random molecular damage in living organisms. In addition, it was believed that aging was not preventable. Nevertheless, with the development of the thrilling hyperfunction theory, all these past myths no longer hold. The new theory dictates aging as just a normal continuation of growth, and the process is facilitated by signaling pathways. The TOR (Target of Rapamycin) is one of such pathways. Leveraging TOR-oriented models has enabled scientists to predict that Rapamycin can be utilized in prolonging the lifespan of humans.Recently, several forms of rapamycin have been in the spotlight including the Evirolimus RAD001. The results of the research regarding the drug led to numerous sensational captions. The drug was profoundly referred by some of them as the ‘fountain of youth.’ The study indicated that the drug leads to a delay in the physical aging effects. It additionally ameliorates the health state in older adults.

Rapamycin is a commonly referenced term in the medical practice. The first versions of the drug to be sanctioned for clinical use in 2006 were Rapamune and Sirolimus. The drug would be leveraged for treating various illnesses including autoimmunity, cardiovascular diseases, cancer as well as metabolic disorders. The drug also termed effective on old age-related diseases such as osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s.In 2006, the drugs were finally released and declared sufficiently safe for use by transplant patients. The safety associated with the drug has helped oncologists to research its pharmacokinetics on willing healthy volunteers. According to the facilitators of the study, the drug was effective in transforming the immunity of aged individuals to that of infants. As such, the drug was sufficiently able to rejuvenate one’s immunity.Mikhail Blagosklonny serves as the editor-in-chief of the Oncortarget journal. In his paper’s summary, Blagosklonny observed that the correct selection of doses for clinical trials of the said drug would result in the maximum extension of a patient’s lifespan. In addition, this would help in ameliorating the aging tolerance in humans. Mikhail Blagosklonny is of the view that its utilization should be combined with other relevant medical progress which assists in improving people’s aging tolerance.

Mikhail Blagosklonny advises gerontologists to consider reverting their examinations from how free radicals in combination with random molecular damage accumulation lead to aging and try to concentrate on how all these lead to post-aging syndromes. Mikhail Blagosklonny noted that if studies were geared towards his advised bearing, such studies would make it much easier for medical experts and practitioners in related fields to deal with the syndrome when substantial advancements in rapamycin have helped the human race to a post-aging age.One of the well-known oncologist in the world today is Mikhail Blagosklonny. This profoundly passionate scientist is an oncology professor at the famous Roswell Park Cancer Institute where he is also substantially involved in taking on studies on cancer and aging. He attended the St. Petersburg’s First Pavlov State Medical University for his undergraduate degree. He had earlier operated as a senior scientist with Ordway Research Institute. Additionally, Blagosklonny served as an associate professor at the New York Medical College.

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