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IAP Worldwide Services is considered as one of the leading companies that provide logistics, facilities management as well as advanced professional and technical services on a global scale. The company is based in the USA and it is serving in more than 25 countries with its 2000 employees around the world. Their offerings include a wide variety of specialized services for both public and private sectors. They have adequate people, technologies, and program management expertise to carry out any project in the most difficult situations. Their motto of exceeding the expectation of their clients and their immense success in last 60 years has made them the global leader in their arena.

IAP Worldwide Services has a massive pool of well-trained and highly skilled employees on The company continuously invests in its manpower to keep them efficient through regular training opportunities. It is considered as one of the Top Hiring Companies in the USA and it recruits people with different expertise on a regular basis such as Project Management, Procurement, Logistics, Engineering and so on. Working in IAP is truly a great experience for the employees as it provides them ample opportunities to learn and develop themselves.

The company has gone through a massive restructuring in the recent time which has made it even more credible and robust to deal with its challenges. Kaye Scholer, one of the most popular International Law and Litigation firm, played a vital role in the IAP’s debt-for-equity restructuring which took place outside the court. As a part of this restructuring, IAP Worldwide has formed IAP Global Services, LLC as its parent company and it has right-sized their debt structure and enhanced liquidity.

IAP Worldwide has an impressive history. It started its journey in 1953 as Pan Am World Services, Inc. that used to install and maintain the first space launch complex base in Cape Canaveral. Over the year, the company started to provide all sorts of facilities maintenance support, and in 1990, IAP was formed out of a contract to provide generator supplies to the U.S. Army in Saudi Arabia turns. Since then, the company has secured some defense contracts and played a vital role in keeping the US force active and efficient in the battlefield. In recent time, U.S. Navy (Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Pacific, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii) has selected IAP for an Indefinite-delivery/indefinite quantity contract for up to $900 million. Apart from providing critical support to the military, IAP also provides emergency services during disasters. Their quick role in providing emergency power and life-sustaining supplies and services during the Hurricane Matthew was admired throughout the nation. You can read more about IAP and their achievements in different social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Have you ever thought seriously about how the values your parents instilled in you when you were younger can help you succeed in life? Kevin Seawright is a perfect example of this. At an early age, his parents introduced the values of mentorship and financial stewardship, values that he practices diligently to date.

Kevin Seawright is a financial and administrative strategist, specializing in business operations. He is currently the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Newark Economic Development Corporation. Kevin recently received Executive Leadership Certification from University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza School of Business.

For the past 13 years, Kevin has built a reputation as an effective business leader with a gift for developing good relationships with his staff and peers. He has succeeded in transforming various corporate processes within the companies where he has worked. He has also used his financial expertise to better the lives of local communities.

The Summer Youth Employment Plan was his latest achievement. Kevin Seawright collaborated with NewarkWorks and other leading businesspeople and companies in the Newark area to help the Newark youth get summer jobs. The program run for six weeks, starting July 5, 2016. This program was open to Newark student residents and aims to boost college graduation rates in the local community.

Students who enrolled in this program got the chance to experience on-the-job training. They also received lectures on empowerment, as well as financial literacy and college readiness. The financial literacy sessions were provided by two leading banks, Santander Bank and TD Bank. The program participants were paid each a minimum wage for each student.

Kevin Seawright has proved that he is not just an asset to the corporate world, but also the local communities. He is an Advisory Member of the Babe Ruth Museum, as well as a coach for youth sports teams. Kevin has also aided in construction and renovation of local schools.

Beyond the boardroom and the corporate deals, Kevin Seawright has proved to us that the future of the country lies in educating and empowering the youth. That is where his passion lies. Let us all follow his example.

As increasing awareness and studies of Sleep Apnea occur, it has become imperative that it is linked to serious complications such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and stroke. Those suffering from Sleep Apnea have the disadvantage of waking up to 30+ times per night, and yet 90% of those suffering from it go undiagnosed. Led by Dr. Avi Weisfogel, dental related Sleep Apnea treatment and research has begun.


Dental Sleep Masters has formulated a guide for primary, and secondary physicians, and sleep doctors to offer better care for patients. Previous Sleep Apnea treatments have had adverse effects and results with patients. Friendlier treatments are more appealing to customers and may help those with Sleep Apnea pursue treatment. ImThera Medical is offering THN Sleep Therapy, which has been approved by the FDA. Alternative treatments are also provided; such as small, implantable devices that no longer require the use of noisy machinery or uncomfortable masks. The treatment, Sleep Apnea upper airway stimulation, offers relief and better sleep by opening up airway muscles.


Sleep Apnea should be taken more seriously by the public, doctors, and those suffering from it. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is determined to raise awareness and continue to research and study Sleep Apnea to provide better treatments for this serious illness.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel is the Founder of Dental Sleep Masters, with an extensive background in sleep treatment and disorders. Dr. Weisfogel has a B.A. in Biology and a B.A. in Psychology from Rutgers University, and a DDS from the NYU of Dentistry. He successfully managed and maintained his first dentist practice, Old Bridge Dental Care, for 15 years, gaining awards from the community such asBest Dentist.


In 2010, he founded Healthy Heart Sleep to advise physicians around the world in the management of sleep labs. In 2012, he became the owner of Unlimited Sleep Patient, a company that lectures dentists on how to grow their business and treat sleep apnea patients. In 2014, he established Dental Sleep Masters to accelerate the industry of dental related sleep disorders.

There are countless cell phone and wireless providers, each with their own quirks. The most notable are the big three, known as Sprint, At&t and Verizon. Some people have even begun to count T Mobile as a fourth contender with the big boys. Yet there is a category that belongs only to one company, and that company’s name is FreedomPop.


The Minds behind FreedomPop


Based in Los Angeles, FreedomPop is a free wireless internet and phone service provider. Founded by CEO Stepen Stokols and Steven Sesar, the company was ambitious when it started in 2011. Several backers lined up due to a foolproof business plan, and the company raised money based on that. There is over $109 million and counting in funding, and that number grows daily. Plans are already in production to roll out the service on an international level. The UK market is their next target, and will be on Three’s network. In the US, FreedomPop piggybacks off of the Sprint network. Learn more:


Why FreedomPop is Important


Currently FreedomPop is the only reliable provider of free mobile phone and internet services. That includes voice, text messages and data. While the free option works wonders for light users, there are alternate options. This includes tiered pay plans for heavy users that want unlimited. No matter the carrier, unlimited is the golden standard, and FreedomPop delivers. But it is the free users that drive the main base of the company, due to hardware sales. Users can bring their own compatible Sprint phone or tablet. And customers looking for new hardware can buy online from FreedomPop. With the bulk of their sales coming from free users, it is a brilliant way to make hardware drive the business.

Learn more from a FreedomPop review

John Goullet and IT staffing go hand in hand, since he has been in the industry for a very long time now, amassing a ton of experience and success at the same time. When he first started, John Goullet was doing IT consulting work, but saw the need for IT staffing and decided to move over. He took it a step further and even opened up his own company, Info Technologies, in 1994. The company became one of the fastest growing in the nation as far as private businesses go, reaching a net worth of $30 million with ease. IT was later that Info Technologies merged along with Diversant to create Diversant LLC. John took up a position on the leadership advisory board and became a Principal Executive for the newly merged company.

Today, Diversant LLC is known for being the largest minority business owned entirely by African Americans, located in the United States. With John Goullet’s position on the leadership advisory board puts him in a position to share his extensive knowledge with many people. John has been handling clients for IT staffing and doing startups for decades, and he is always able to far surpass the needed technical requirements. Through Diversant and with his experience, John is able to have his effect on ethnic diversity, within the company and outside of it. There diverse ethnic background of the staff allows them to handle situations from many different views and cultural standpoints. The ethnic diversity is a plus for many clients as well when they are looking to meet diversity and cultural goals in their own company.

As a registered Minority Owned Business Enterprise, Diversant falls into a category where primarily one ethnic group controls a company. In this case, this is not like most other tech companies that are doing business today. This is why they have a strong ethnic background and support ethnic diversity as a positive. It’s also why they support the Harlem Business Alliance to bring back their support.

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Wengie is a chic young woman living in the city. Wengie has a morning routine that she generally does every morning, and it is very likely to be similar to the morning routine for many other independent woman. Wengie loves her cat, and every morning her cat wakes her up. Even if she is not ready to get out of bed, her cat plays with her until she is ready to get up. Once Wengie has finally decided that it is time for her to start her day, she picks up her phone and checks the time. After checking the time, she generally will post something on social media about herself.

Wengie has to always put her contacts on first, because without contacts she cannot see. After putting on her contacts, she next goes to the bathroom and washes her face and brushes her teeth. After washing and brushing, she goes to the kitchen to make her healthy morning breakfast. Wengie slices half of a avocado and puts it on top of whole wheat bread slice and she adds salt and pepper. Next, she gets a glass of water and puts lemon and Aloe Vera juice in the water. This is a healthy meal to start out the day.

Next Wengie sits down to watch a little bit of her favorite TV show while she eats. After breakfast is over, Wengie goes and gets herself all spiffy. Wengie likes to have a special makeup routine in the morning. Wengie applies her eye makeup first, and then she does a full coverage make up with a nice bright lipstick. Since Wengie is a fashionista, she always make sure to find an outfit that looks great on her and she pairs it with a nice pair shoes. Wengie is an independent woman that has healthy rituals in the morning so that she can have a good start to her busy day.

Wikipedia is the largest free online encyclopedia. The platform contains information on almost any subject and does not discriminate against the addition of new topics as human knowledge widens. The website relies on over 80,000 volunteers every month to provide new content and update a Wiki page that already exists. The huge team of volunteers donates both their talents and time with the aim of making free information available to everyone worldwide. What is unique about these volunteer Wikipedia editors is that majority of them prefer remaining anonymous. The group is there to provide Wikipedia with two primary services: to make a Wikipedia page from scratch and to edit old articles. The two services enhance the quantity and quality of the website content. It is claimed that the volunteers make one of the largest unstructured work team in the world. Moreover, the team’s achievement is incredible considering the lack of clear lines of authority. Wikipedia has not always been a large platform. When it was started 15 years ago, the website had little information. However, the spirit of Wikimedia Foundation encouraged more people to volunteer their services to make or edit a Wikipedia page for the non-profit platform.

Currently, the website has over 5 million articles covering a wide variety of topics. It also has 28 million registered users and is available in over 283 languages. The English language version of the platform is the largest. Two researchers, Stephan Seiler and Aleksi Aaltonen, have been studying the effect of Wikipedia’s open production process on productivity. On their research, they focused mainly on 1310 articles. They chose articles related to the Roman Empire as these articles were less likely to be affected by current events. What the researchers found was astounding. Between 2001 and 2011, these articles recorded cumulative growth with nearly half of their content being new. The materials were better and had more citations. The two researchers published their work in July 2016. Although most Wiki edits to articles are usually about 37 characters, some additions are much longer. Additions made up over 43% of all changes made to the articles while 8% of the Wikipedia revisions were deletions. From the research, the two associate professors concluded that the open production process has positively affected the quality of content in Wikipedia. This information was originally published on Stanford Business.

About Get Your Wiki

Get Your Wiki is an online company that helps individuals and businesses to create and maintain their Wikipedia pages. The company’s highly knowledgeable Wikipedia editors have loads of experience. Get Your Wiki focuses on eliminating the headache that comes with creating and maintaining Wikipedia pages by providing its clients with high-quality and affordable services. This information was originally reported on Get Your Wiki as provided in the link below

Before the 2016 NFL season even starts, Pittsburgh Steeler fans are going to be looking good. There’s excitement in the air, and it’s not because the team made some incredible draft choices or other off-season acquisitions, it’s because of the new clothing line made available by the team for their fans.

The new director of strategic planning, Susan McGalla, is the architect of the new line. She was responsible for bringing in focus groups, and allowed those groups to share their ideas with the organization on the clothing they would like to see. Susan McGalla listened to them, and delivered in a big way.

Susan McGalla is a real professional in the fashion world and has brought her knowledge and expertise to the Steelers organization with great results. Susan McGalla is the former president of American Eagle Outfitters, and the former CEO of Wet Seal.

Women wanted more choices in the clothing line offered by the Steelers that fit them well and made them look and feel more feminine. Men wanted to be able to support their team at work, and now they can. Girls even has clothing with the ever so popular thumb holes. It seems Susan McGalla scored a touchdown for the team with this new clothing line.

Read more: Steelers Overhaul Fan Gear Closet, Introduce New Fashion Campaign

The Steelers made it even easier and quicker to buy merchandise with a new website showcasing the new clothing. Fans are certainly getting their money’s worth.

The Steelers organization at has launched a new campaign in the form of a contest. Fans have a chance to win a Steelers-themed wardrobe by sending in pictures of themselves wearing the black and gold.

The Press of Atlantic City has run a story about how Devco can make it possible for cities in New Jersey to come up with new developments that make the most sense to them. There are a lot of people who will benefit from these jobs, and they will start to see how the loans from Devco offer a lot of help. The loans will build casinos or hotels, and then these places are going to make it much easier for people to get jobs with the businesses that move into the area. That makes it easy to fill up the area with commerce.

The people who benefit the most are those who live in blighted areas, and they are going to be able to find new places to live that were developed when people figured out how much potential there is in the area. The housing gets better for the people that have lived in the area for a long time, and the people that will be able to manage the way they live are those who have been waiting for the community to turn around.

There is a lot that can be done with a loan from Devco, and they also come in with a team that is going to explain what can be done for the people of the area. They are going to see that they can have a new life, and they are also going to be able to get jobs for all the people in their family. Crime will start to go down, and there will be taxes that will pay for the loans that were used in these areas. It is just so much easier for people to have good lives when these loans from Devco are used to build new attractions in blighted communities.


There are so many places to choose in NYC — and Tarallucci e Vino is at the top of the list!

At Charlie Bird the decor and the dining are refreshing and fun. Surrounded by vintage-styled boombox posters there is a cool music vibe with Snoop Dogg, Jay Z, and Dre playing while you enjoy your homemade spaghetti (kids love it!), the now-famous uni pasta, and the delicious roast chicken. There is a big group space but also a private room you can reserve for your friends.

Gramercy Tavern is a Danny Meyer restaurant that is always packed with those that love the seasonal and local American cuisine created by Michael Anthony. The dining room boasts a vegetable mural done by Robert Kushner and there is a larger area as well as a private dining space for more intimate gatherings.

In Union Square there is the fabulous Tarallucci e Vino for a small party or a large affair. The Mezzanine level is cosmopolitan and sophisticated, with lovely mirrors and antique cabinets, as well as custom brick handmade tables and an incredible wine cellar. On the 6th Floor Loft there is a bar, lounge area, antique mirrors and stunning chandeliers. Both spaces are flexible and can fit 30-80 guests on the Mezzanine or 50-120 guests on the 6th Floor Loft. Chef Ricardo Billota will work with you to create an incredible menu to celebrate any occasion!

Tarallucci e Vino is your number one choice for special events in NYC!!

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